Data Management and Use: Governance in the 21st Century

I was on the working group for this report that was published in 2017 by the British Academy and Royal Society.

Responding to the challenges of data in the 21st Century, the report concluded:

“We think two responses are required. Firstly, a set of high-level principles is needed to visibly shape all forms of data governance and ensure trustworthiness and trust in the management and use of data as a whole. The promotion of human flourishing is the overarching principle that should guide the development of systems of data governance. The four principles that follow provide practical support for this overarching principle: all systems of data governance across the varied ways data is managed and used should,

  • protect individual and collective rights and interests
  • ensure that trade-offs affected by data management and data use are made transparently, accountably and inclusively
  • seek out good practices and learn from success and failure
  • enhance existing democratic governance.”

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